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Sangita Kumar is a results-based organizational development consultant and a skilled trainer dedicated to the empowerment of individuals and our communities. Her work over the past 7 years has allowed her to interact with a wide variety of organizations in business and non-profit sectors in the US and internationally.
Sangita’s experience with these organizations ranges from coaching, staffing, professional development, strategic planning, program design, program management and mentoring.  She began her career while a management student at Case Western Reserve University.  As a young Asian-Indian woman growing up in America, she was especially sensitive to issues of language-acquisition, code switching between an Indian and American culture, and cultural paradigms.  Her interest in personal development work stems directly from her personal experience in overcoming many challenges of language and internalized limiting messages to find personal and financial success in a foreign world.
After graduating with high honors with a dual-degree in Business Management and Spanish Sangita joined Wyeth Consumer Healthcare as a strategic planner and analyst gaining recognition as the youngest new hire in a strategic role.  In this space she acquired skills in needs assessment, organizational consulting, systems design and business modeling.  In 2005 Sangita combined her interests in coaching and systems design by transferring her direct corporate experience to work as a trainer and long-term learning and development program manager.  In this role she developed expertise creating positive learning environments for professionals, studying the areas of teamwork, interdependence, organizational culture, and personal empowerment and motivation theories.  She designed and led over 300 training workshops and specializes in the connections between personal agency and professional development to tap into the creative potential within each one of us.   Her combination of business management skills and passion for learning and change allow her to move flexibly and efficiently amongst diverse organizations.  In 2007 Sangita spent a year working in Hyderabad, India as an organizational development consultant to IT firms and NGOs with overseas headquarters.  In this role she provided cultural competency trainings and coaching to employees working in both Indian and US business contexts, translating cultural differences into behavioral strategies to enable smooth international working relationships.  This tremendous learning opportunity allowed her the opportunity to deeply understand cultural differences between Western and Asian thinking styles.

Trained by the Franklin Covey and Dale Carnegie Institutes Sangita’s facilitative model weaves an interactive experience, deep personalized reflection, and a host of strategic action tools to transform participants’ work style and empower them to perform at new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.  Her theater and drama background along with extensive travel experience in Europe, Asia, and Central America influence her workshop design with a holistic feel and deep appreciation for individuals and their stories.

In addition to studying and working in the US for 25 years, Sangita has also traveled to London, Spain, and Costa Rica.  She enjoys experiencing new cultures, sampling exotic cuisine and learning new languages.


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Elisabeth E. Garrett (Lisa) has worked with many organizations and individuals to build their capacity, reflect on their strengths, allign with their purpose, and increase their effectiveness. Most recently she facilitated a national strategy session between The Ruckus Society’s Indigenous People’s Power Project (IP3) and various Indigenous communities and organizations, and served as the Interim Education and Child Welfare Policy Coordinator at the height of the widely successful Coalition for Asian American Children and Families Keep the Promise Coalition’s budget advocacy campaign. Lisa also served as the Executive Director of the Funders’ Collaborative on Youth Organizing, executed the International Youth Parliament 2004 for Oxfam in Sydney, Australia, and served as a Program Director for the Seva Foundation.

For over a decade Lisa has worked to further human rights, self-determination, and environmental justice and has actively participated on several delegations to the United Nations focused on Indigenous Peoples, women rights and sustainable development. Throughout her work, Lisa maintains a commitment to capacity building, youth leadership and intergenerational partnerships.

She is currently involved in the Somatics and Social Justice Collaborative to explore how combining the two leads to transformative change.

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