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Syllabus & Articles

This course has a packed syllabus!

Please find supplemental articles for each class listed here.

Lesson Agenda Page Articles Buddy Group # /Topic(s)
1 Lesson Plan 1 1-1 None 1
2 Landscape of Social Justice Work 2-1 Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker 2
3 Common Issues in Social Justice Coaching: Steps to Problem-solving 3-1 TransPowerofPractice 3
4 Culturally Competent Coaching 4-1 Difference and Discourses by Karen Curnow 4
5 Understanding the External Forces of Power 5-1 Multicultural Competence by Paul Kivel 5
6 Understanding personal power (empowerment) 6-1 Within Course Reader 6
7 Leading, Following and Managing with Integrity 7-1 Servant as Leader, by Robert Greenleaf 7
8 Developmental Models: in a social justice context 8-1 Becoming a Professional Life Coach 8
9 Connecting to mission 9-1 Struggling Forward by Dara Silverman 9
10 Coaching Conversations in Groups: Change to an open course for strategy sharing 10-1 Within Course Reader 10
11 Self-care framework 11-1 Seven Fold Path by Sangita Kumar 11
12 Closing, Wrap Up, Next Steps 12-1 Within Course Reader None
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