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Observer Form

Observation is an art.

When we observe we practice watching without judgement, without agenda.  When we give direct, specific feedback we give the gift of being seen, heard and validated.

These sessions are designed for you to stumble together, take risks and try using the techniques and frameworks we cover in class together.

We invite you to use this observation form in your practice sessions.

Click here to download the observer form

When Native people speak
they are not talking from the head,
relating some theory, mentioning what they read
in a book, or what someone else has told them.
Rather, they speak from the heart,
from the traditions of their people,
and from the knowledge of their land:
they speak of what they have seen
and heard and touched,
and what has been passed on to them
by the traditions of their people.
It is their hearts and to the subtle resonances
that lie within each word of a language
which, when uttered,
reverberate throughout the world.

– Maladoma Some –

The Healing Wisdom of Africa

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